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AFP Presents the Distinguished Speaker Series


Carlos Dominguez, Senior Vice President, Office of Chairman & CEO, Cisco Systems

 Carlos Dominguez

Carlos Dominguez is a Senior Vice President at Cisco and a technology evangelist, speaking to and motivating audiences worldwide about how technology is changing how we communicate, collaborate, and especially how we work. Dominguez gives humorous, highly animated presentations full of deep insight into how technology, and the right culture, can create winning companies. Drawing from his 20 years at Cisco, he talks about how technology is changing the rules of business and how to not get left behind. He also addresses many questions about collaboration, including what motivates people to collaborate, how to establish rewards for collaborating, how to find the right experts both inside and outside your company, and how to keep people coming together both online and in person.

Dominguez is a member of the prestigious CDC Foundation, which connects the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to innovative ideas and expertise from outside partners. He is also a board member at the Institute of Large Scale Innovation (ILSI), a group of international leaders who use innovation to help solve complex global challenges. Before his current role at Cisco, Dominguez ran Worldwide Service Provider Operations for three years, and previously was Vice President for U.S. Service Provider Sales. Under his leadership, Service Provider grew in revenue from $500 million to $2.5 billion. Prior to that, he led Cisco’s enterprise line of business in the northeastern United States, where he established Cisco in strategic markets such as financial services, media, government, and pharmaceuticals. Prior to Cisco, he held management positions at Timeplex, Inc. in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, and at New Jersey Bell/Bell Atlanticom. You can find him on his website at, on Twitter @carlosdominguez, and on Facebook at


Penelope Burk, President, Cygnus Applied Research, Inc.

 Penelope Burk

Penelope Burk is one of the foremost authorities on fundraising and among the best-known educators in her field. She has an uncanny ability to articulate what donors want and backs that up with solid and compelling research. At the same time, her witty and disarming presentation style makes delegates want to rise to the challenge of bringing fundraising practice in line with donors’ modern-day sensibilities.

Penelope and her company, Cygnus Applied Research, Inc., are known for their leading-edge research with donors and their evidence-based solutions for raising money in the twenty-first century. She first came to the attention of senior fundraisers with her revolutionary, best-selling book, Donor-Centered Fundraising, which remains the only statistically-based philosophy ever published on the effect of meaningful communication on donor retention and gift value.

Penelope Burk’s training sessions and forums are widely acclaimed as unique, engaging and among the most effective in the third sector. In addition to her books and national research studies on donor behavior, she is also the author of more than sixty seminars, training programs, and dramatic plays, all written specifically for not-for-profit organizations.  Penelope’s latest book, Donor-Centered Leadership , offers a research-based model to Boards of Directors, CEOs and Development Chiefs for building and sustaining a high performance fundraising team.

Penelope Burk is an author, researcher and mentor celebrated for some of the most important innovations in modern-day fundraising.

In 2000, Penelope introduced the not-for-profit industry to the concept of Donor-Centered Fundraising®, transforming the way the sector communicates with donors and bringing fundraising in line with donors’ needs.  Today, Penelope’s groundbreaking research continues to gain international recognition for challenging long-standing but ineffective fundraising practices and showcasing evidence-based methods that raise more money.

Session Title: What's in a Number?...only everything! ... how the best fundraisers use data to drive profit

Adrian Sargeant, Ph.D., International Fundraising Consultant

 Adrian Sargeant

Adrian Sargeant is a world class plenary speaker and international fundraising consultant. He is the Robert F Hartsook Professor of Fundraising at Indiana University, Professor of Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising at Bristol Business School (UK) and an Adjunct Professor of Fundraising at the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. He is one of the world’s foremost authorities in the domain of nonprofit marketing and fundraising. He was the founding Managing Editor of the International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing and is the author of numerous books including‘Fundraising Principles and Practice’ and ‘Fundraising Management' published by Jossey Bass and Routledge, respectively.
In 2004 Professor Sargeant pioneered the public information website which will shortly be developed to provide a similar service to the public in the United States. The site is underpinned by an ongoing and ground breaking study tracking the fundraising performance of a cross section of charities. Most recently Professor Sargeant developed the UK’s new National Occupational Standard for Fundraising (specifying the skills and knowledge required of fundraisers working in a variety of different roles within the profession) and a new suite of fundraising qualifications for the Institute of Fundraising in London. Their Certificate and Diploma in Fundraising Management launched in January 2010.  Also in 2010 he launched a new online resource for students of fundraising.  which provides topic summaries, recommended reading lists, article downloads and a series of self-test quizzes.
In 2010 he received the Civil Society Award for his Outstanding Contribution to Fundraising and was named to the prestigious Nonprofit Times’ Top 50 Power and Influence List. He was also voted the 3rd most influential person in fundraising by readers of Fundraising magazine.

Session Title: Building Donor Loyalty